Sports psychology


Believing in ourselves on and off the court

Sports psychology and in particular learning how to control thoughts and emotions in our Academy has the MISSION to support the players on the way to their development.  Our main GOAL is to help them stay confident on and off the court.  We achieve it through three interactive approaches.

Set of techniques

We use a set of techniques to teach our players how to control their thoughts and emotions.  In this way they can reach peace of mind and confidence, and will manage to be the best they can be.


The analysis helps the players unravel limiting beliefs and replace them with manageable strategies that help them develop their potential.  This is the so-called structured analysis, which supports the players to show on court and in competition the result of their hard work.  This approach is good for players 12 years and older.

Educating players

We work on building Triple-Impact Players who work on developing their selves, their teammates and the game.  We use the Positive Coaching Alliance programs for teaching Development Attitude, filling the emotional tanks, team work, leadership, respect for rules, opponents, judges, rules and self.

We work simultaneously on all three parts by doing homeworks, analyzing matches and videos, reading materials and talking to coaches and teammates.

We do group sessions once a week. The private weekly sessions we do on demand and if necessary.

The result of our mental training emerges only if players show their personal will, perseverance and responsibility. Our work is consistent with the specific psychological development and capabilities of our young players.

It is important that we regularly inform our parents about techniques and topics of our group and private sessions. We truly believe that the parents’ influence on their children is of utmost importance. The unconditional love, which fills the young players emotional tanks, can help them attain their potential. Such players are easier to teach, they listen better to their coaches and are optimistic and confident.

We support our parents in being focused on the Big Picture in tennis and sports in general as a wonderful possibility for development.

We want to grow in our Academy with a Development Attitude. This means that we believe in our development as better and smarter people and athletes by studying and working hard. The key to success, contrary to general belief, is not so much in someone’s talent or lack of it. It is in our hard work to achieve our goal. We truly believe that working hard and learning hard can be pleasant. Yes, they can. We only need to truly want them напълно ясно ли е какво? and … make our choice.